Best Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Best Magnetic Cell Phone HolderBest Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

I bought this cell phone holder one year ago. This is the only one I’ve found that works in my car without blocking my view or blocking dash buttons, air vents, etc. I love it. It’s super small, so it fits on a little ledge under the vents. It’s perfect for using my navigator app when I’m driving in an unfamiliar area. I don’t have to look down or turn my head at all to glance at the screen.

The magnet is very, very strong and holds my phone in place even on bumpy roads. I put the little metal plate inside the back of my phone case and the magnet goes through the plastic without any problems.

Simply follow the seller’s instructions: use the included alcohol prep pad to clean off any oil or dirt from the area on which you will install the mount and if you are attaching the metal plate to your phone or phone case, clean that off, too. Let it dry, which only takes a few seconds, peel off the paper backing, and stick. I let the mount itself sit overnight before sticking my phone on it, so that it could form a good bond. The base of the mount itself is about the size of an American quarter, so it doesn’t take up much space at all.


My product photos:


NOTE: I bought this cell phone mount at a discount for testing and reviewing purposes. I’d recommend this to anyone needing a way to mount their phone without taking up a bunch of space. I’ve actually purchased two more since this one – one for my husband and one for my son. We all love it.

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