Yesterday, we flew back home after visiting our daughter and grandson for the weekend. We had not seen them since we visited in July. Needless to say, it was a very emotional time (especially for me because I’m a crybaby lol).

Waiting at the gate, there was a little girl named Zoe (I don’t know how it’s spelled). She was about 3 years old and she walked over to talk to me while Eric was getting us something to drink. She told me my hair was pretty (I have purple in it at the moment) and we talked and played with her Pokemon Happy Meal toy she’d just gotten at the airport for about 10 minutes.

Later, on the plane, a different little girl sat in front of me. She was about 4 or 5. We smiled throughout the flight as she talked and sang because she reminded us of Ayden with her sweet little voice. Then, just before landing, she said hi to me through the space between the seat and window. I said hi back and she said, “your hair is beautiful.” I almost cried (okay, maybe I did, just a teeny bit). I then heard her tell her mom that she told me that. ❤ She was so proud of herself. As we all stood up to deplane, she smiled at me and said my shirt was beautiful.

Those two sweet little angels made my heart swell and I’m a little choked up talking about it now.

Keep teaching your little ones kindness and we can change the world. ❤

Never underestimate the value of a thoughtful word, even to a complete stranger.