By now, most people know about ICE (In Case of Emergency) phone contacts, but what if no one can get access to your contacts? You want to keep your phone contents private, so you have a screen lock enabled. You don’t want just anyone to be able to snoop around if you leave your phone lying around unattended. But, what happens if you lose your phone or if you are involved in some sort of emergency situation and you need first responders to get your loved ones’ phone numbers? Are you just out of luck? Let’s fix that.

First, you’ll need a photo editing app. I use PicsArt or Pic Collage, depending on what it is that I want to do. For this particular task, I find PicsArt is easier to use. Next, you need to know your phone’s screen resolution. Here are a few for some popular phones now. If yours isn’t listed, just Google your phone model and “screen resolution.”

Screen Resolutions

Open your photo editor and create a blank image with the correct proportions to fit your screen resolution. You can use a solid color background or an image, but if you do use an image, I suggest using something muted and not too busy, otherwise the text will be difficult to read. Next, add your text. You can add whatever you want. I included my full name and listed names and phone numbers for my husband, my mom, and one of my adult children (the one I know will answer his phone).

Once you’ve created and saved your lock screen image, you will need to go into your phone’s settings to set it to display when the screen is locked. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, so your phone’s settings may differ.

On my phone, these are the steps: 1) go to Settings, 2) choose Display and Wallpaper:

Display and Wallpaper

3) Choose Wallpaper:


4) In the drop-down menu at the upper left of the screen, choose Lock Screen:

Lock Screen

5) Select your new lock screen at the bottom and click Set As Wallpaper:

Set As Wallpaper

That’s it. Easy as pie and now you know that if your phone is lost, you have a better chance of having it returned and if, God forbid, you are in an accident and can’t communicate, emergency responders can contact your loved ones more quickly. Do you have any other helpful tips and tricks for emergency situations? If so, let me know. Feel free to share links to your own blog. 🙂

Take care, friends, and BE SAFE!

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