Coil Master Vape Case by HAMSWAN

Coil Master Vape Case by HAMSWAN

This is a product intended for those of legal smoking age or older.

My husband started smoking when he was 16 years old. At 50, he decided (finally) that it was time to quit. He wasn’t quite sure how to do that successfully and I suggested he look into vaping. Of course, inhaling no nicotine would be ideal, but if he has to do it, I’d rather he vape than smoke cigarettes. It smells a lot better, too.

We first went to a local shop and bought a basic starter kit and he stopped smoking cigarettes altogether. Once he became obsessed began to really enjoy vaping, he started delving into the custom box mods, RDAs, tanks, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t care know much about. 😀 He’s collected quite a bit of vape-related gear now that he carries around with him, so he needs some sort of case to hold it all. Also, the vape boxes and tanks he has cost a pretty penny and in order to make sure we don’t have to replace them any time soon, he needed something with elastics to hold everything in place as well as padding to protect it in case it’s dropped.

The gCoil Master Kbag fits his needs perfectly. It’s a nice size, holding his box with the tank on top, three or four bottles of juice, batteries, charger, and more. The mesh pouch in what I consider to be the top side is great for charging cords, extra cotton, wire and other smaller items. We also like that it zips closed, so nothing falls out, and he likes the fact that it’s black, so it doesn’t draw a bunch of attention.

Features the seller would like shared:


  • Coil Master vape case is a multi-functional, helpful and practical carrying bag travel case for all of your vape gear
  • Designed with a series of adjustable elastic straps on one side of the case, and a large mesh pocket on the other
  • The elastic straps can be made to fit virtually any item you want to securely carry
  • Carry your mods, atomizers, E-juice, wicking supplies and so much more
  • Closes together with a high-quality zipper for easy access

Coil Master Kbag

NOTE: I received this Kbag at no cost in exchange for testing it out and giving an honest review. This is actually my husband’s second one. He paid full price for the first one (not on Amazon and we paid much more than this one costs). Having two, he can switch gear more easily now, without having to take everything out to put different items in.

Take care and be kind to one another <3