HICKIES LogoTurn any pair of shoes into custom-fitted slip-ons with HICKIES lacing system. Perfect gift for any age from kids to adults.

The HICKIES Lacing System is a modular one, meaning that instead of one lace running through the length of each shoe, you have one unit per pair of eyelets. This allows for a one-size fits all design with maximum customization when it comes to tightness, comfort, security, and color.

Installing the HICKIES Lacing System in your shoes is a one-time affair. Fasten only once and your shoes are always ready to go.

Watch this short video to see for yourself how convenient and easy to use they are!

HICKIES are great for any adult or kid with a wide range of colours, an unexpectedly fun and extremely functional product.


One size fits all!

Amazing stocking stuffer prices at $11.99 (HICKIES Kids), $14.99 (HICKIES Adult), and $17.99 (HICKIES Metallics)

The travel, parenting, and fitness hack that you never knew you needed until now.


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