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Five SUPER Simple Steps to Use Tailwind with Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Other Business Website

Increase your website's traffic using Tailwind and Pinterest in 5 easy steps.

I have always loved Pinterest. I used to use it only for personal stuff – recipes, crafts, organization tips I’ll never get around to following. 😉 I didn’t really think of it in terms of business. Once I began to set up a blog, I realized how useful (and, dare I say – necessary) Pinterest is for driving traffic to a blog. Using Tailwind to schedule pins in Pinterest makes it tremendously easier. I really can’t explain how much it simplifies everything, but I’ll try.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
When someone wants to find information on a specific topic, they often go to Google to search and sort through all the results, one at a time. Many, however, will just go straight to Pinterest. I know that when I am looking for a specific recipe or a craft or decorating idea, I will skip Google and just go to Pinterest to save time. It’s so easy to find a bunch of ideas quickly and throw them all on a board to look through later. How can this help a blogger with his or her traffic?

To put it quite simply, as a blogger, you want your blog posts pinned on as many Pinterest boards as possible. The best way to get that ball rolling is to first pin them yourself. Your followers, along with other Pinterest users, re-pin them to their own boards. Their followers will then re-pin from their boards, and so on. Makes sense, right? So how do you get followers? By pinning, of course!

This tutorial assumes you already have an account on Pinterest. If you don’t, go sign up now and come back. I’ll wait. 🙂 Next, sign up for Tailwind. My referral link will get you a $15 credit, good toward your paid subscription, should you choose to go that route. Give it a try with the free trial. You won’t regret it, I’m sure, but if you do, no harm done. You don’t give any payment info to them until/unless you’re ready to pay, so this isn’t one of those “free” trials that just charges your card after a few days.

Back to your Pinterest account. If you aren’t yet using your Pinterest account in conjunction with your blog, there’s a lot of information out there on the interwebs to help you get started. My favorite course is the FREE #RockYourPinterest course at Rockin’ Vas. It’s a comprehensive course which will get you on the right path to gaining followers, which leads to re-pins, which leads to more traffic. The course is great and I’ve had a lot of fun implementing everything I’ve learned. My Pinterest following has grown tremendously and to be completely honest, I haven’t put much effort into it at all yet. My following went from 780-ish to almost 1,200 in no time. Just a few quick and easy tips got me going in the right direction and once I put more into it, I know it will be even more rewarding. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE? Check it out. There is literally no risk.

Rocking VAs Courses

Once you’re ready to start scheduling, sign up for Tailwind and after setting your account up (#RockYourPinterest has video tutorials on account set-up), follow these five simple steps to schedule your pins. My computer is fairly slow. It’s not as slow as my first computer with dial-up Internet, but it’s definitely not top-of-the-line. Still, I can easily schedule enough pins for two or three weeks in less than one hour. Seriously. It really is that easy and fast.
Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

1. Install the add-on or extension (or plug-in or whatever) for your browser.

I prefer Firefox (add-on here), but just use Google to find it for your preferred browser.

2. Find the pins you want to schedule.

Go to Pinterest. In the search box, type a few keywords related to the topic you’re looking for. In this example, I’m looking for St. Patrick’s Day crafts, recipes, and decor.

How to effectively use Tailwind with Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or other business

TIP: To load lots of results quickly, use the “end” key on your keyboard. It will instantly scroll you to the bottom of the page, which triggers Pinterest to load more results. Do this at least four or five times to get a large selection to choose from.

3. Click the Tailwind icon at the upper right of your browser.

This might be different depending on your browser and/or settings, but it looks like this:

Tailwind Add-On Icon for Firefox

4. Click to select all of the pins you want to re-pin and click “Go Schedule” in the bottom right:

How to effectively use Tailwind with Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or other business

5. In the box after “Add Board to All,” type the name(s) of the board(s) you want to re-pin these pins to, then click “Schedule All”:

In this step, you can assign the pins to different boards, all to one board, all to multiple boards, to completely separate boards, and more. Maybe you have your own board for St. Patrick’s Day Food and you also belong to a group board for St. Patrick’s Day pins. You can schedule to pin on both boards all in one step. It’s very versatile.

How to effectively use Tailwind with Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or other business 3

Wasn’t that simple? It’s an easy way to drive traffic to a particular website. And, if you’re a Virtual Assistant, scheduling pins with Tailwind is a great service to add. It saves bloggers time and earns you money. Win-win. 🙂
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