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Gel Pens by LolliZ

I love stationary and office supplies. I hoard them and I don’t share. Anyone who knows me knows that if they want to buy me a gift, office supplies are a sure hit and gel pens are some of my favorites. They also know not to touch my stuff. 😀

I have a fairly stressful day job and I’ve found that coloring on my breaks, especially coloring in adult sweary words coloring books, is a great release. It helps my mind focus on something other than work and by the time I get back from break, I can better focus on my work. Gel pens are my favorite medium to color with.

I LOVE LolliZ gel pens! I first purchased a set of 96 (two packages of 48) when they were on sale and I fell in love with them, especially the glitter colors.  The seller then emailed a coupon code for this 70-pen set and I scooped it up, too. Later, I also bought a couple of the 100-pen sets. The sets include neon, milky pastel, and metallic colors, as well as my beloved glitter. 🙂 They’re all nice and smooth, they don’t skip, and they feature vivid, beautiful colors. After I took one of the sets to work, I had several coworkers ask about them and three or four went straight to Amazon and bought their own (like I said, I don’t share 🙂 ).  Here’s a small portion of my collection:

LolliZ Gel Pens in Box

If you enjoy coloring, you’ll love these pens. Just a word of caution – if your coloring books’ pages are too thin, put a sheet of blank paper between the pages to soak up any ink that bleeds through. Yes, I found this out the hard way. That’s how I like to learn. Ha.

This is a page from a little combo coloring book/planner I have. See how the light reflects off of the glitter? It’s sooo sparkly.

P.S. Don’t laugh at my child-like coloring outside the lines and skipped areas. I said I like to color, not that I’m a pro. 😀

P.P.S. Buy these pens on Amazon here.

LolliZ Gel Pens


Take care and be kind to one another <3

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