Hi and welcome!

Welcome to Caffeine and Saltwater! I suppose you came here to find out who I am and what I’m all about, right? Or, perhaps you want to know why this blog is called Caffeine and Saltwater. I’m not very good at talking about myself and I don’t really know what anyone even wants to know, so I’ll give this a shot and if you have questions, please ask!

The Name

Naming a blog is probably the most difficult thing EVER. Ok, maybe brain surgery is harder, but I swear it’s just.so.hard! I gave it a ton of thought and I had a really hard time coming up with something that truly represents me. I’d think of something and I’d get really excited and then I’d check and find it was already taken. One day, I was sitting here just writing down words of things I like and two words kept popping up over and over – coffee and the ocean. I love the ocean. And by “love,” I mean that I would live in a tent on the beach if I could safely do so. My husband will tell you that I’m lying because I don’t like to camp unless I have a comfy bed, running water, a toilet (not an outhouse and not a hole in the ground, but a real flushing toilet), and a shower. Maybe the tent on the beach is a stretch, but I really love the beach. I don’t need to DO anything at the beach. I like to just sit or lie down on the sand and listen to the waves. I am not much of a fan of being eaten by sharks, so I don’t go in the water; I just like to be near it and listen to it. It really is my happy place. I’m also quite addicted to caffeine, mostly in the form of coffee and black tea. Iced, hot, blended, whatever – give me coffee while I’m chilling at the beach and I am one happy woman.

Caffeine and Saltwater

About Me

This is the part I suck most at because I hate talking about myself. My name is Jill. Outside the home, I work for a local government agency. Inside the home, I am a Virtual Assistant and blogger. I’m an only child who’s also a mom, a stepmom, a Nana, a wife, a daughter, a stepdaughter, and I try to be a good friend. Between us, my husband and I have six kids (Jennifer, Heather, Miranda, Brittany, Taylor, and Devin) all born between 1984 and 2001 and a smart, happy, active, and ADORABLE grandson named Ayden, born in 2015. I am lucky enough to be able to babysit him almost every Sunday and these days, Sundays are the days I smile and laugh the most. The best Sundays are when my husband doesn’t have to work and gets to spend the day with us. I love those days. Family is everything. ♥

We are also animal lovers. We have two dogs, five cats, and a rabbit. All of them are rescues. We already had three kitties, then we adopted Jennifer’s two. They might not all particularly love each other, but they coexist peacefully. Soon, we want to build a huge catio for the cats so that they can safely enjoy the outdoors, but for now, they’re strictly indoors and we love them, except maybe not so much when they decide to meow in our faces at 2:00AM because the trough bowl is empty.

Other Rambling Thoughts and Facts

Let’s see, what else? We live in Sacramento, California. We are pretty quiet and laid back people who prefer to binge-watch Netflix together over going to a party, but we do enjoy the outdoors quite a bit. I’m a vegetarian, he’s not. Some of the kids are also vegetarians (my two) and some aren’t (his and ours). I love coloring and crafting and reading, though it’s hard to squeeze time in for those activities these days. Oh yeah, I’m in school, too. I am taking things slowly, so my degree is taking a little longer, but I’m trying not to stress myself out too much.

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and especially spelling, so PLEASE tell me if you catch any typos or other errors. I won’t be offended; I’ll be grateful. Really.

I guess that’s about it for now. Again, please ask away if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading! Be kind to one another. ♥

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